Welcome to HALLMEK in Lysekil AB

HALLMEK In LYSEKIL AB was founded in 1987 in Brastad. Our team consists of highly qualified individuals with extensive experience in structural steel and shipbuilding.

We ensure that staff are well motivated and have a high degree of professional ethics and social skills.

We specialize in metal of all kinds, especially in heavy sections, manufactured by the following techniques: cutting, bending, rolling, drilling, welding and grinding and manufacturing of booms and goods protection halls.




Shipping contracts

- Steel
- Pipe
- Mech



Workshop production

- Own workshop in Lysekil
- Steel to goods protection
halls and tent halls
- Mooring booms:
The WM- and Y model



Steel contracts

- Construction
- Processing

Workshop production

- Own workshop
in Romania

Hallmek i Lysekil AB
Holma Gåseberg 308
454 91 Brastad
Site manager: Åke Lundh
Phone: +46523-485 50
Faxes: +46523-485 30