What do we stand for?

HALLMEK I LYSEKIL AB was founded in 1987 in Brastad. Our goal is to make quality products at European standards. We are appreciated because professionally respond to the needs of our customers. Competition is fierce and we should be in a continuous improvement process, working with specialists in the country and beyond. We carefully choose the people and the high standard of our work shows that HALLMEK I LYSEKIL AB is the best business partner.

What are we doing?

Our team consisting of highly qualified people with extensive experience in construction steel and shipbuilding. We care for staff to be very well motivated and have a high level of professional conduct and interpersonal behavior.
We specialize in metal of any kind, especially in heavy sections, made by technological operations: cutting, bending, rolling, drilling, welding and grinding.

Our team includes:
- Project leaders
- Well-trained foremen
- Qualified welders, with permits issued by
classification societies notorious
- Pipefitters and platemen

Production is closely supervised by a technical team.

What objectives do we have?

Since its inception, our main objective was and remains to achieve high quality products in accordance with contract terms with legal requirements and regulations. We are confident that we can prosper and grow only by satisfaction of our customers. That is why we use all resources available for that, finally, to present a product that fits perfectly in the required standards.

Recommendation is the key to success!

A satisfied customer is a very good form of promotion. This is probably the explanation for the fact that most customers contact us because old clients firm recommendation. It is one thing we are proud, but at the same time makes us vigilant. We pay attention to each element and we can not afford to treat lightly the least part of a project.

What are our values?

Professionalism: we rely on team work and individual integrity. We pay attention to every detail and procedures in respect of each project implementation.

Quality: is the value of our company. Without it there is no progress in business activity and profits.

Initiative: each client is unique, but always find a good solution for collaboration and final goal - a quality project carried to term.

What are we proud of?

HALLMEK I LYSEKIL AB has for many years specialized in the manufacture of steel frames for goods protection halls and is a supplier to a number of companies. Thus, in the company a high degree of competence and cost effectiveness in the production of steel frames, which ultimately benefits the users of the halls. The longstanding specialization means that Hallmek happy undertake series production of the body element, which are connected to the whole hall frames. Extensive experience is the manufacture of trusses, which are made of steel profiles and U profiles.

We manufacture from some years even mooring booms, floating boathouse, parts for the marine industry and building forging.

From 2012 HALLMEK I LYSEKIL AB take over entire specialized working team of CF Marine Services LLP (more than 200 workers), that have a long experience in ship building and repairs.








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