Workshop production

We will prepare everything in our workshops prior to delivery to the customer. In the current situation, this is done in two separate locations.

* Our workshop in Galati, Romania.
The workshop has 1500 square meters of workshop and is equipped with bridge-cranes for 5 and 12.5 tons.

Technical equipment in the workshop:
- Hydraulic swing beam guillotine Chapter
(cuts up to 16 mm thickness and 3050 mm length)

- Bandsaws
(saws up to 350 mm in diameter, 520x350 mm rectangular profile and 350x350 mm for square profile)

- Stir-machine
(bends up to 12 mm thick, 2500 mm wide and 12000 mm length)

- Bending Machine
(bends up to 10 mm thickness and 2500 mm length)

- Magnetic Drills

- Welding equipment all kind

The key words are high quality and fast delivery.

* Our workshop in Lysekil.
In our Swedish engineering prepares us most of the details to be passed on to end customers. Here is everything from new construction to the final hand finishing details supplied from our workshop in Galati.

It goes without saying that both of the workshops fully equipped and quality assured at European standards.

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